Lena. The Matriarch. Mommy dearest. The one without which the family would not exist in unity, without whom there would be no invisible thread holding us all together, without which the beds would not be made and the floors not swept. Or the ironing done. Needless to say she enjoys Mother’s day, when we say thanks for all her effort, love, and for being who she is. We think she deserves it. After all, we have to wait a whole year every time just to spoil her!

Tufan. The eldest son. Here he is smiling just before a microlight flip, hence the flight suit. I had to use the “before” photo, the “after” one turned out a bit too green. He’s going to become a pilot. He’s a pretty good MTB’er, taking on hills like a steamroller would a speed bump.

Christo. On his first ever day of school, 2009. Luckily the smile and happiness stayed the whole day and disappointment set in when they had to head home. Let’s hope it remains so for the next 12 years!

Me, Dirk. Yes, I know, it’s a real mystery how I have acquired so much grey hair at such a young age. Go figure.