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This tells you more about us as a family and contains some snapshots. But really, its private. Do not go there. There are photos of a rather personal nature. You’re going to click there now, aren’t you?

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Welcome to our internet presence. Below you will find a few thumbnails linking you to various parts of this site. It consists of four main sections.

One thing the whole family likes doing, together and individually. Between us we have completed many 100Km+ road races (Argus, 94.7, etc.), many MTB races and off course, some kiddie races.

Ahh yes. What would a mid-life crisis be without something powerful between your legs? Oh, and having a bike helps too. Check it out! (the bike, off course;-)

This part reflects on the odd adventure we tackle, like bungee jumping, hiking, canopy touring, etc. No we are not adrenalin junkies, we just like living!